Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

Comparing Car Insurance Quotes

Whether you’re looking for classic car insurance, cheap car insurance for your hatchback, an affordable quick insurance quote for your SUV, or a good family car insurance policy, may be able to help you find a great deal. Our UK insurance panel provides insurance for a range of different cars.

There is a wide variety of insurances, of which some might be optional, but some are mandatory and car insurance is one such mandatory type of insurance. The UK law makes it compulsory for every car that is running on the roads to have an insurance coverage. The only exception to this being cars with ‘Statutory Off-Road Notice’ which are not allowed to be driven on road and therefore exempted from having car insurance.

There are a number of car insurance policies and several policy providers, thus making the choice difficult for drivers. A guide will help make the decision easier. First, let’s get familiar with the different types of car insurance available.

Different types of car insurance

Third Party

This is the most basic insurance type and has the minimum requirement legally for car insurances. In case of any damage sustained while driving the car, the policy bears the cost. For instance, in an accident with another car, the driver at fault needs to pay for the medical expenses and damage done to the other car. However it must be noted that in case of damage done to the car whose driver is at fault, the insurance does not cover his costs.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This insurance type provides cover for any damage done to the car in case of a fire. It replaces the car in case of theft, apart from having features similar to third party insurance.

Comprehensive cover

A comprehensive cover provides insurance coverage to replace damages incurred even if the driver is at fault apart from covering for damages due to above reasons.

Special coverage

There are types of insurance policies that provide special cover apart from the basic features. These include –

  • Older drivers – who have special premiums
  • Younger drivers – who need to pay more premium as they are more prone to accidents
  • Poor driving record – these drivers barely get any insurance and need to look for special insurance plans.
  • Business and commercial drivers – they too have special premiums

There are a few extra additions too that can be added to insurance policies at a higher premium, which include-

  • Breakdown cover
  • Windscreen cover
  • Cover for legal expenses

Groups for car insurance

Insurance for cars further is divided into groups which are classified taking into consideration the make of a car, its performance level, availability of its spare parts, time taken to repair the car and similar factors.

Comparison of different types of car insurance policies

Before deciding on a specific company’s car insurance policy it is always a wise practice to compare the policies. Comparisons can be made by comparing the same type of policy, for instance, comprehensive cover, from different providers and also by comparing all the different types of car insurance policies provided by a single provider.

Ways to lower premium costs

Certain car groups have lower premiums, such as groups with relatively newer cars. Premiums can further be lower by –

  • Not making a claim to avail ‘claim-free discount’ which could even be transferred to new policy providers.
  • Modifications made to the car increase the premiums, so the policy needs to be checked before making modifications.
  • Paying premiums annually reduces the premium.
  • Higher car-holders excess can be set in the policy to reduce premiums, but it amounts to paying more when making a claim.

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