Comparing Motorbike Insurance Quotes

Comparing Motorbike Insurance Quotes

Owning a motorbike, whether a Ducati, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Aprilia or a Honda, is a matter of pride for the owner. However, what is of even more importance is to purchase a suitable insurance policy for the bike, which will cover costs of damage to property or personal injury in case of an accident. A suitable policy can be found online by filling out details regarding the bike, type of cover and about the driver and comparing the numerous options for the best policy. Only those bikes that have a Statutory Off-Road Notice can be exempted from insurance as they do not drive on the roads. With, you can compare motorbike insurance quotes from over 20 providers by filling in just 1 form! We will provide instant online quotes based on your entered criteria.

Policy coverage levels

● Third Party
In the event of an accident, if the policyholder is legally responsible for damage to a third party vehicle, then the cost for repair and personal injury is paid by the policyholder to the other vehicle. Unfortunately, damage to the at-fault policyholder’s vehicle is not paid for by the policy. This policy is the basic requirement for any motorbike.

● Third Party, Fire and Theft
Apart from the coverage provided by the Third Party policy, this coverage also pays for any damage caused due to fire or if vehicle is stolen.

● Comprehensive insurance
This policy covers the costs incurred if there is damage to the policyholder’s vehicle and medical charges if the insured driver is legally responsible for the accident. Along with this, the policy also provides basic third party, fire and theft coverage.

Insurance groups for motorbikes

Motorbikes are classified into groups by insurance providers based on the performance level of the bike, its price and power. There are approximately 17 to 22 such groups, differing for various insurance providers and the premium for a bike insurance policy depends on what group the bike belongs to. A lower group number usually equates to lower premium.

Categorized according to usage

Motorbikes are further classified into 4 categories based on what purpose they are used for –

  • Delivery and courier
  • Commuting
  • Pleasure, social and domestic use
  • Business

The premiums for vehicle used commercially or frequently is comparatively higher.

Special category for coverage

Certain vehicles or group of people fall into special insurance coverage category.

● Classic motorbikes
These bikes are seldom used on the road, are well maintained by the owner and unlikely to be subject to theft. Therefore, the premium for such bikes is usually low.

● Modified motorbikes
The performance, power and look of the bike is enhanced post modifications. Also repairs for such bikes cost more, thereby increasing the premium as well.

● Convicted or young drivers
Since both these type of drivers are at high risk, the premium for them is also higher.

Additional add-ons

Certain insurance companies provide add-ons to the policy, such as insurance for pillion rider, for another person riding the same bike or for a person riding another bike, all of which can be purchased.

Policy comparison

Insurance policies for bikes and their premiums depend on number of factors, some being –

  • Age of driver
  • Riding experience
  • Bike performance and power
  • Parking conditions of the bike
  • Group category bike belongs to

Sometimes the same bike could be in different groups for 2 providers and thus a premium could be lower under certain company.

Premium reduction tips

Premiums can be lowered by-

  • Opting for low performance motorbike
  • Parking the motorbike in a secure garage rather than on the road or in unsafe location
  • Skipping bike modifications since the repair and procuring parts of such motorbikes is expensive thus increasing premium.
  • Opting for an advanced training course with British Motorcyclists Federation, Institute of Advanced Motorists or similar organization reduces the premium.
  • By not making any claims for years in a row can lead to discounted premiums, thus indicating that paying for small repairs is better than to make a claim.
  • By not nominating other riders to the policy the premium is deemed affordable.
  • Certain comprehensive policies offer lower premiums making it a better option compared to third-party insurance.

These are basic guidelines for comparing and deciding motorbike insurance.